Eye contour cream

  • nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin around eyes
  • helps with collagen production
  • brings back to normal the osmotic balance of under eye area
  • brightens the overall appearance of the face
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Effects of the cream:

How it works?


As a result of the use of the cream, skin elasticity improves, skin is moisturized, wrinkles become less pronounced, skin color is improved, the signs of fatigue disappear.

The regular use of the cream helps to visibly improve the condition of the skin around the eyes. Even after only one use, the result is visible.

Main Components:



Aloe extract soothes the skin and ensures maximum penetration of active cosmetic ingredients into the skin.



It is used as a cosmetic ingredient and as a material for the "injection of youth." It has unique moisturizing properties, helps to maintain skin elasticity and remove wrinkles by fighting free radicals.



One of the newly found wrinkle remedies. This biomass facilitate the skin regeneration on a cellar level.



This flower helps to restore the skin cells, helps to make the contours of the eyelids clearer, smooths the deep expression lines and age wrinkles, removes age spots, improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, in addition to toning the skin overall.



It has a very wide range of effects: antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, has early healing properties and whiteness the skin.



It has strong antiseptic properties, promotes healing of the damaged skin, protects against the negative effects of the environment, is also used to relieve reddening of the skin, dermatoses, eczema, acne.

with natural ingredients – a tested method against wrinkles, pouches and bruising under the eyes!


The opinion of the specialist

With the appearance of the first skin age changes, delaying aging and drying of the skin, and also with excessive straining of eyesight, I recommend using NeoEyes cream. The neutral composition do not cause irritation, and a noticeable effect can be seen even with irregular use.

NeoEyes Cream is necessary, even in the first age-related skin changes 2-3 times a week. For women who experience eye strain from reading, working with a computer, watching TV, glasses or contact lenses, it is recommended to use the cream more often.

I as a beautician for over 15 years recommend this cream to all my friends.

Willma Ompon, Beautician from Cebu


How to use it?

Apply generous amount of the cream under your eyes dab it lightly in the skin. Apply two times a day.


Safety measures:

Do not use if wounds and eczema are present on the skin after use, if redness, itching or other irritation occurs, you should stop using them.

Customer Reviews:


Jessa, 36 years old

"Our climate and the lack of a full sleep are very hard on the eyelids, and this is obvious, no matter how much I have been trying to fix it." With age, apart from fine wrinkles, I developed constant bruising under my eyes, the result of poor sleep. In two weeks of using NeoEyes, the wrinkles were smoothed out and the bruises disappeared completely! "


Wilma, 34 years old

"I've always been a supporter of getting to bed late, and so the bags under my eyes were my constant companions. No matter what I tried to do, but I didn't see any result whatsoever. I did not believe anything could help me until I got NeoEyes, after two months the bags completely disappeared - I do not believe in my eyes! "


Rosa , 40 years old

"NeoEyes not only removed the dark circles under the eyes, but also improved my skin itself. " I, in general, have very bad skin, especially under the eyes, I have never seen such an effect from other skin remedies and I definitely recommend this mask for anyone who wants to look younger. "

Customer Reviews:

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